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Eu-SPRI 2019

Science Technology and Innovation Policies for Sustainable Development Goals. Actors, Instruments and Evaluation

The EU-SPRI 2019 Conference builds on the directions proposed by the 2017 Vienna and the 2018 Paris EUSPRI conferences, and focuses on actors, instruments, practices, and policies for research and innovation to pursuing sustainable development goals using the problem-solving approach.

The Conference wants to deepen the concepts of ‘missions’ and ‘transformative missions’, and how R&I studies can address them, trying to figure out existing or potential linkages between missions and sustainable development goals, and what is the contribution that STI policy studies can provide in this respect.

The Conference should also discuss the problem of measurements related to missions and the existing gap between missions and social challenges, policy objectives, policy instruments, and research projects, including the understanding of issues such as the role of traditional and new actors involved, regulations, public funding and public procurement toward reaching specific goals.


The Conference is organized around seven key topics


R&I policies toward mission-oriented sustainable research: rethinking policy design, implementation and evaluation.


New governance of STI policies: actors, networks and instruments


Social innovation: enabling factors and existing practices for sustainable social needs


RRI and the responsiveness of science and technology developments, institutions and policies


Disruptive emerging technologies, digital platforms and associated business model innovations and the rise of new innovation ecosystems


Research infrastructure for STI studies: open data, big data, and new research avenues


Globalization and the geography of knowledge and innovation


Open track

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