Submission guidelines

Submitting papers, posters and special sessions proposals

Abstract should be organized as follow:
Authors (all details of the authors, and their affiliation)
Topic of the paper (one of the Conference theme);
Presentation type (oral, poster, session);
Title; Aim of the proposal; Background;
Methodology and empirical base;
Results; Conclusions.
The authors are also asked to choose
Keywords to describe the submission content

Proponents can submit proposals of papers (oral presentation or poster presentation) and proposals for thematic sessions. The call also foresees proposals for specific sessions or special tracks beyond the key themes, which address other topics under the general Conference theme.

Abstracts should be up to 3000 words, indicating if the proponent(s) submit an oral presentation, a poster presentation or a session.

Proposals will be accepted for oral presentation on the base of the results of peer review; each proposal will be revised by at least two reviewers. Based on peer review results, the organizers retain the right to assign a paper for a poster even if the authors submitted for oral presentation.

Poster sessions will be given equal time that usual sessions because we consider them as important as oral presentations.

CNR, the organizer of the conference, is dedicated to open access. All colleagues that submit an abstract at the same time engage to make their abstract and presentations accessible on the website of the conference.